Posted in January 2015

Poem: I’m Chasing Rainbows in Thunderstorms

It feels like I’ve been dead Inside For quite some time now There are a few shining moments Of joy Often overshadowed By reality Responsibility And reactions This used to be fun Until it got serious Now As the world crashes in Ripping off the doors Smashing down the walls With adoration and rage There … Continue reading

Poem: Your Hate That Keeps Me Warm

It’s your hate that keeps me warm On cold, bitter night No reason to debate it No reason to bother to fight No yellow tape around us No beatings on the street No outside the bar crime scene Where clashing viewpoints meet Passive-aggressive social media Always a point to prove In words and deeds and … Continue reading

Poem: Apathy is Easy

Discouragement Has become a way of life For me recently There can’t be an easy way You can’t please them all But still I keep doing this stupid dance Of keeping everyone happy When I’d much rather Run away And be me But I forget who I am anymore Not me Just what people think … Continue reading

Poem: When I’m Falling Down

When I’m falling down Face that hits the floor Sucker for this punishment It’s what I came here for How I would lift you up When spirits did not soar Now I plead for assistance But you’re not here anymore All my closest friends Attempt to pick me up Instead they trample down And drain … Continue reading

Poem: My Glorious Downfall Awaits Me

My glorious downfall awaits me As I descend to gutters My ruination is poetic My heart murmurs and stutters Wasting my precious hours Inebriation makes me numb Forgetting all the sadness And the bad things that are so dumb Bottle rolls on wooden floor Stains the canvas and the brush Inspiration fading No creativity to … Continue reading