Poem: I Don’t Have Dreams and Nightmares

I don’t have dreams and nightmares
My reality is enough
My slumber is short and heavy
My days are long and tough
Days are spent exhausting
All the will and all the ways
Nights are spent calculating
The plans of upcoming days
Always on a mission
If only in my head
Running myself ragged
Fall down daily dead
To a world I’ll reawaken
Running to and fro
All the people that I talk to
All the places that I go
End my days so restless
Alone with wishes and plans
Doubt and fears amongst them
The future in my hands
While yesterday still lingers
In a few hours in the night
Fall asleep in clothing
Reawaken in cold light
Even when all’s quiet
My mind shall never cease
Too many things to think of
From which I can’t release

©2015 James Takeo

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