Posted in October 2014

Poem: It Means Everything to Me

All of the little things That you do and say Tremble with anticipation for them Each and every day Quick smile that shines at me The stars shine in your eyes All the secrets that are beyond it For me to realize With every passing moment Words that are unsaid Leaves me breathless and quiet … Continue reading

Poem: When I Was a King

Once when I wore the crown And sunny days would last Now the crown is broken down And sunshine is in the past I see my days that turn to gray And ground now turn to rust But remember you as I always do And in your heart, I trust Now I am only a … Continue reading

Poem: October Early Morning

October early morning Sun has not yet come Golden leaves run clattering From the trees that they fell from Pink and blue are skies Warm with brief cool breeze Others still lie sleeping Still dreaming as they please Life will begin soon The day not yet begun Slowly, the city is stirring With the coming … Continue reading

Poem: You Are My Dream

You are my dream While awake or asleep In my thoughts and my heart So precious and deep When I am awake It is as if you are there And when I slumber This vision do I share Of you and of me Once again, hand in hand In a faraway place In some exotic … Continue reading

Poem: Nothing

I stand here In front of you all Giving you hope Belief in yourself That you are powerful Magnificent And very able To move mountains To change the world Somewhere Deep inside That hope That flickering flame of optimisim Grows faint And dim I stay brave For your sake Save yourselves Be all that you … Continue reading

Poem: Unbridled

A thousand times I love you From rooftops, I shout your name For you, my love undying It always will remain Upon the towering mountains I would claim my love For you are best of all things Both on earth and heaven above In gold and diamonds I’d shower you If I only had them … Continue reading

Poem: Purgatory

I don’t know where you are Or how you feel. Makes me feel lost and sad. Wondering now Of the thoughts in your head. Don’t know if they’re good or they’re bad. Distance and silence Only scare me more They do nothing to calm my fear To be close again This is what I wish … Continue reading

Poem: Where’s My Sunshine?

Empty sunlight of colder days Barely warmth within the rays Shadows grow long as day goes by Sun hanging smaller in October sky Days will grow short as night grows long When all’s not right and everything’s wrong Days are time, and each grows long Where’s my sunshine now that she’s gone? For BH ©2014 … Continue reading