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Poem: He Who Tweets

Little bird chrips Up in his tree Thinking I hear But I don’t see He makes loud noise On branch he sits Though he is loud All he does is shit So, little bird Up in your tree Keep on chirping It doesn’t bother me ©2019 James Takeo

Poem: My Kingdom of Rust

My city is faded glory, Lit up every night, Flowers and rust remain here, In the morning light. Of all the things that could’ve been, And things that are yet to be, Happiness and sorrow, Are all the things I see. Dreams of what might have been, And of those yet to come, Inside and … Continue reading

Poem: Crash Pad Laundromat

In the middle of the night When not a soul is stirring I slip into the bright white lights And hear washing machines whirling Empty now, a space I spy And bend down to my task Notice in the corner of my eye Clandestine shadow masks A form of man who barely moves And smells … Continue reading

Poem: Monsters and Magic

Sometimes I see magic In all the smallest things The chirping of the crickets The flapping of birds wings The lights upon the water The bridge that’s lit up bright The sun above Guerrilla Park And also the full moon at night The smile I see on your face The sparkle in your eyes The … Continue reading

Poem: In Like Lions 

You came in like lions Acting gentle as a lamb Blue eyes that shine brightly  And make me not give a damn Quietly you entered Slowly like a storm And in my arms I found you Gentle, soft, and warm Now with each passing moment Does my mind drift to you Everything is changing now  … Continue reading

Poem: New Year’s Eve 2016

Tonight The revelries will ring in And things will end And begin again Tonight Close companions Will share cheer and joy Warmth and laughter Tonight Feelings will numb Words will come out dumb On a sticky dance floor Tonight Old fears are passing New hopes are beginning At the strike of a clock Tonight Some … Continue reading

Poem: Nothing Left to Say

Nothing shall I do Nothing shall I say You can’t take from me anymore As I’ve nothing left to give away All these words and pictures Are best left in my head I will sit here, silent And do nothing instead A fire will burn inside me That will never go out But it must … Continue reading

Poem: Pretend It’s Not There 

It’s not just me It ain’t only here The pain, the despair Living in fear Problems arise But few accept task Keep walking on Ignore what is asked  Pretend it’s not there That it’s all well and good That there are no problems In this neighbourhood But I can’t unsee The things I that I … Continue reading

Poem: It Could Be a Paradise 

This ain’t Hollywood Or Montremarre A ghetto, a paradise But it’s not so far It could be bright lights Or red carpet premiere It could be a paradise That we could hold dear Sometimes it’s all colour Sometimes it’s rust and gray It can be dim and gloomy It can be bright sunny day Everything … Continue reading