Posted in September 2013

Poem: Girl on a Park Bench

Girl on a park bench Quiet contemplation Gray skirt Shoulder length hair That she now brushes away From her gentle face Downward cast eyes Averting my notice Distance lies between us Bright sunny day Autumn beginning Summer a memory Leaves turning Colors burning But the world still turns Moves Without us Quiet contemplation Reflecting on … Continue reading

Poem: What The Fuck am I Doing?

There is an inner darkness You’ve mistaken for a light It does not shine in day-time But burns into the night It is what once some loved That now has turned to hate Discarding my memories For us, it is too late Hate me and then love me Laugh, fear, and respect I didn’t want … Continue reading

Poem: After the Art Show

I awake Fuzzy memories Friends Laughter Remembering How we ruled the world Like kings and queens All lay before us Conquering Magnificent Now sobered And nothing Survey the scene Cake boxes Pictures Remnants The cramp in my leg Yawns Begins another day What strength I had Hopes and dreams Foolishly revealed Leaves me empty and … Continue reading

Poem: As She Sleeps

As she sleeps Upon my couch Surrounded by art Sketchbook beside her Pencils down Lost in slumber Curled beneath My favorite old blanket It gave me security Now it wraps her Enveloped in sleep Soft breath Rising and falling Those beautiful gems That now lie hidden Behind closed eyelids The lock of hair That falls, … Continue reading

Poem: Truth and Beauty in What We Seek

We have untamed the beasts And broke open the gates Like floods Unstoppable Moving forward Pushing on Determined I have let loose The hounds That lie within me And others They howl and bark Gnashing teeth Growling voices Fast and strong Like hunters Seeking out Searching Relentless And pounce upon their prey Sharp teeth that … Continue reading