Posted in May 2014

Poem: You Are Like the Sunshine

You are like the sunshine I see it in your smile Every time you look at me I’m gazing at you all the while Behind your eyes, there’s laughter It comes beaming through Only makes me want more Of everything that’s you Your touch is like a gentle breeze Caressing where it lands Feel the … Continue reading

Poem: Beneath the Streets

Beneath the streets And sidewalk stains Under the potholes Filled with rain Clay and mud Cement and stones No secrets here In the city’s bones Those are found Behind the walls In unknown rooms In hidden halls The dirt removed Can be put back Fill the hole Seal the crack Again, it’s buried Hidden from … Continue reading

Poem: Cat’s Got My Tongue

All heaven resides Behind your eyes And this glorious sunshine That beams with your smile Makes my heart light Makes my mind calm Makes my words quiet There is beauty In the blushing cheeks They only reveal themselves At secret words Spoken in soft voice But the sweetest of secrets Exist between my lips and … Continue reading