Poem: The Night is a Lonely Beast

The night is a lonely beast

With snow that falls like flowers

Wrapping city in cold quiet

Falling like deathly showers

Rap music on radio

Textures under brush

Paint it red and rusted

Destroy it with my touch

Empty is this room

Dark is in my heart

Light only creates shadow

Black is now this art

I will paint it bitter

And scream into the night

Only silent witness

Create until hate comes to light

Sometimes it’s a dream

Or a nightmare come to life

But it is all and only mine

By dark and palette knife

Brush brings out the shadow

Words bring out the fire

Pencil defines the cutting edge

Ink fuels dark desire

Now the night, the lonely beast

Roams fast, near, and free

In the silent shadowy streets

In the depths of me

©2019 James Takeo

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