Poem: When I’m Falling Down


When I’m falling down
Face that hits the floor
Sucker for this punishment
It’s what I came here for
How I would lift you up
When spirits did not soar
Now I plead for assistance
But you’re not here anymore
All my closest friends
Attempt to pick me up
Instead they trample down
And drain out all my luck
I’m only being negative
A magnet that attracts
But I don’t remember asking
To get stabbed in the back
The fair weather has broken
And now it feels all black
Cloud above my head
No sunshine coming back
Soon, it may stop raining
But I’ll still down here
Dug into my own hole
Of doubt, old pain, and fear
I know you want to help me
But your foot is on my head
While I drown in misery
And my body fills with dread
Inside every silver lining
There will be a cloud
I’ll be watching for it
While wailing long and loud
When I see you falter
The pieces I’ll put together
But when my skies have darkened
You’ve gone to fairer weather
So here I wait in darkness
Alone and on my own
Only fears to comfort me
And I face despair alone

©2015 James Takeo

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