Poem: My Glorious Downfall Awaits Me


My glorious downfall awaits me
As I descend to gutters
My ruination is poetic
My heart murmurs and stutters
Wasting my precious hours
Inebriation makes me numb
Forgetting all the sadness
And the bad things that are so dumb
Bottle rolls on wooden floor
Stains the canvas and the brush
Inspiration fading
No creativity to rush
So hard to hold inside
All that brings me down
No longer is there my fake smile
Only tears and frown
When the day is over
And the world has turned its back
Left me here in shambles
With no way to turn back
There will be tomorrow
Another bright new day
But I’ll not be as sunny
I’ll not find a new way
Everything is ending
Now its something new
While I feel I’m left behind
Because that’s what I’m meant to do

©2015 James Takeo

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