Poem: These Long Hours

In these long hours am I alone
With my thoughts that endlessly drone
I lie in bed in quiet night
And dread the coming of daylight
The fears and hopes that fill my mind
Leaves me no peace for me to find
The questions of future that I await
And what may cone that is my fate
There is no dread, but concern in me
Of what my life is yet to be
Of whom I trust and whom I don’t
Of what I may do and what I won’t
Of my day and of tomorrow
Of my past joys and former sorrow
My trust in some is great and few
And what my critics say and do
How I shall deal with fate that’s mine
And what to say at the right time
Counting sheep brings me no peace
Pacing about gives no release
Worries and dreams that may yet come
Where I’m going and where I’m from
Tomorrow is yet another day
To be revealed in its own way
Dreams do not come so easy now
I try to sleep, but don’t know how
These long hours grow longer still
Tomorrow comes against my will

©2015 James Takeo

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