Poem: Your Hate That Keeps Me Warm


It’s your hate that keeps me warm
On cold, bitter night
No reason to debate it
No reason to bother to fight
No yellow tape around us
No beatings on the street
No outside the bar crime scene
Where clashing viewpoints meet
Passive-aggressive social media
Always a point to prove
In words and deeds and actions
Does it seldom go as smooth
Each with an agenda
A battle plan all drawn
Ten paces from each other
A duel that comes at dawn
I care not for this battle
For it is not about who wins
Who is worse or who is better
Who is absolved of all sin
It’s about creation
It’s about where you are from
It’s about where you are going
It’s about what is to come
The future is very colorful
For you and for me
For each and everyone here
That’s how it should be

©2015 James Takeo

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