Poem: My Kingdom of Rust

My city is faded glory,

Lit up every night,

Flowers and rust remain here,

In the morning light.

Of all the things that could’ve been,

And things that are yet to be,

Happiness and sorrow,

Are all the things I see.

Dreams of what might have been,

And of those yet to come,

Inside and all around me,

Remind me where I’m from.

I’ve gone to a few places,

And been around this Earth,

But they may not know that about me,

Or see me for what I’m worth.

Loved from across the country,

Yet laughed at in the ‘hood,

I may never leave here,

Even though I could.

But if I ever went away,

It would still be the same,

Buildings, cars, and people,

Just with different names.

It could be like Paris here,

But more often it is not,

It’s only what you see in it,

A little, or a lot.

©2019 by James Takeo

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