Posted in December 2014

Poem: How Much Do I Long For Thee

How much do I long for thee The countless hours tell Of solitude in minutes And weeks were spent in Hell Release me from this prison Grant me shining treasure Only to see you again Want I cannot measure How much do I ache for thee And my heart it doth now yearn A spark … Continue reading

Poem: Saturday Night Poem

This is Saturday night There is no glory here No loud music playing No voices raised in cheer Just some walls around me Faint dim light glow Where everyone has gone to I do not seem to know Sit here in some quiet Think about my day Look forward to tomorrow Tonight I wish and … Continue reading

Poem: Pins and Needles

I sit on my hands Stupid Expectant Flirt with disaster New found glory Around the next corner? Is it hope Or doubt That scares me? It’s pins and needles Long minutes, hours One long count that grows Some may come and some may go I have done what I can And wait For fate What … Continue reading

Poem: A Beautiful Day

We ride Your car goes flying Down the road Going anywhere we want I see your eyes Your hands on the wheel And I feel comfortable As we speed through the afternoon Your daughter In the back Sleeping As the music pounds Your voice Singing It’s always music to my ears Even if I don’t … Continue reading

Poem: Broken Glass in the Gutter

There’s broken glass in the gutter From the neighbors upstairs Three police cruisers attended But nobody cares If there’s blood on the sidewalk Some may say it is sad As they keep walking past it And forget what they had On top of the world Or the bottom of the heap It makes no difference … Continue reading