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Poem: My City Ain’t Romantic

My city ain’t romantic It’s not Paris in the Spring Streets not filled with laughter And the joy it brings There is no painted sunset On golden sandy beach No wandering through Paradise It’s too far out of reach Instead, we walk on quiet trails And turn our faces to the sun Along shimmering water … Continue reading

Poem: Monsters and Magic

Sometimes I see magic In all the smallest things The chirping of the crickets The flapping of birds wings The lights upon the water The bridge that’s lit up bright The sun above Guerrilla Park And also the full moon at night The smile I see on your face The sparkle in your eyes The … Continue reading

Poem: Birthday

I’ve compiled a list Of what I’ve done Of what I’ve dreamed  Of battles won Of things not made Of dreams denied Of plans unseen Of secrets I hide Of what I have  Of what I’ve not Of what I’ve remembered Of what I’ve forgot  Of times I’ve had Of those now gone Of words … Continue reading

Poem: Untitled 1

No-one sees  The spider above my head  Web woven between the fibre optic cable lines The bats that go out each dusk And fly around the clock tower  The paint stains I’ve left On the sidewalk out front The ethereal hum Of glowing traffic passing  The sunset that burns  Beyond the steel towers of the … Continue reading

Poem: Maybe It’s Just Me

Maybe it’s just me That sees the beauty in the rain drops With my ears full of Miles And my head full of smoke Maybe it’s just me That watches bright light glow Bouncing off the pavement With each passing car Maybe it’s just me That is charmed by all the beauty I see in … Continue reading