Posted in June 2013

Poem: It’s Like I Never Happened

It’s like I never happened I’m not in memory All the good times that we had Were never meant to be A sweet and blissful nothing I was a brief distraction No harm was ever meant We pretend there’s no attraction Walk away in silence It shall all be forgot Say your last goodbye Banish … Continue reading

Poem: Summer Sunday Super Moon

Summer Sunday super moon Big and bright on night in June Silver giant in the sky Hanging above, all-seeing eye Watching all and looking down The gentle night in quiet town Bridge is black and towers high Into the night, stabbing at sky Colour shimmers and becomes mirror Distant cars draw noisily nearer Then are … Continue reading

Paintings: Local Legends

Paintings: Local Legends

I’ve started a series of paintings, featuring images of people, both historical and current, from my community. All images © 2013 James Takeo

Poem: That’s What I Wait For

The sweetness of heaven Within you resides At nape of your neck Where paradise hides Scent on my clothing Brings it all back How empty are my arms Your closeness, I lack Kisses are gentle Smooth and cool skin Eyes deep and lovely Betrays what’s within I long and I yearn And want all the … Continue reading

Poem: All the Pretty Girls

All the pretty girls Just don’t understand Too busy seeing the image To bother with the man Flutter your eyelashes Shoot me a crocodile smile But I know your mind is distant You betray it all the while I know I’m hard to understand But you’re as clear as glass And once you have found … Continue reading