Posted in July 2013

Poem: No Matter Where You Are

You may come to cross my mind No matter where you are I have tried to keep you close Even though you’re far Others can come between us So can all the miles No-one knows our secret joys Or our unseen smiles What words may cross between us Whether then or now Are always in … Continue reading

Poem: The World is Coming

The world is coming We couldn’t ask for more We’ve gotten ready That’s what this was for Have we cleaned the streets? Do we look our best? Is the presentation ready? Have we cleaned up the mess? Breathlessly wait For the world to come Now looking forward Not forgetting where we’re from Brand new clear … Continue reading

Poem: Boarded Factory Window

Broken windows that sought out with unseeing eyes The workers that have punched out Years ago Now boarded and alone Bricks like rusty fire escape Once green, now faded corrosion Forever chained and unused Like a vault, a tomb Where there is no parking Day or night Or ever again To backyard bays Doors shut … Continue reading

Poem: Downtown Sketch

One-legged girl In downtown coffee shop Looking young and cute And perfectly damaged Shifty people shuffle Out on old patio Smoking cigarettes Staining pavement and fingers While this girl deftly uses crutches To get a better seat While building that housed newspaper Torn down by some metal monster Causing reaction And stirring memory and debate … Continue reading

Poem: Burn, Welland, Burn

I watched the city As it turns to rust and dust New dreams unfolding While old memories are laid to rest The paint has faded New concrete gleams Rubble and bricks Sidewalk stains telling stories Faces of once old friends Now greying and wide-eyed Threatening words and intentions Displaying junked-out bravado Numb and dumb and … Continue reading

Poem: Death of a Sparrow

Cute little sparrow That came flying down Little brown bird That landed on ground Hopped on the sidewalk Looking to eat Some little food Which it could eat I watched this little bird With amusement and glee It stopped just to wonder As it looked at me Then it took off And landed on street … Continue reading

Poem: The Storm Has Gone

Streets washed clean Air cool and thin The storm has gone As night sets in Cars will race Down flooded street Spraying walkers Soaking feet Police cruiser Races by Underneath Flashing sky Thunder rolls Grows ever dim Echoes away With voice now thin Passing rain Fades away Only puddles Here to stay ©2013 James Takeo