Posted in May 2013

Poem: The City of Good and Bad

Quiet time lingers on a dead end street In the City of Good and Bad The familiar reminders in each drop of my feet And all of the times that I’ve had Each sidewalk crack, each pavement stain A mournful memory Of things that once were, and won’t be again Leaving a trace here for … Continue reading

Poem: Endless Nothingness

Endless nothingness Fills my silent and dark room All now turns to emptiness As I lie in wait, entombed If it were so easy For me to just cheer up There would be light in darkness I would drink from a full cup Instead, I hide under covers And hope to find some sleep Wait … Continue reading

Poem: Suddenly Sad

On sunny, blue-skied day I’m suddenly sad Lost my brief joy Lost what I had No particular reason There was no trigger How sudden, this gloom As my worries get bigger Some nagging doubt Has reappeared My worries return Exactly as feared My smile now fades As my face grows long No reason to bother … Continue reading

Poem: Let’s Go Outside

Let’s go outside Where the sun and the breeze Can put our minds to rest And make us feel ease Let’s bask in the glow Of this beautiful day Not care for the world And do it our way Let’s walk on the grass And look at the flowers Not to be afraid Of coming … Continue reading

Poem: Ants and Peonies

Ants are on the peonies Before they’ve come to bloom Crawling black and little legs That linger on green moon Green globes edged with purple Magenta majesty within Waiting to unfold her petals Reveal secrets within In hot sun, they secrete A secret yet unfurled The ants will crawl all over And explore this new … Continue reading

Poem: Remember When

How do you remember All the things we’ve been Reminded of the glory And the greatness we’ve within What has happened to us? Where has the time all gone? Faded films and photographs And memories carry on Do you remember when All was new and gold Though it seemed a long time ago We did … Continue reading

Poem: Midnight Gardens Bloom in the Sky

Poem: Midnight Gardens Bloom in the Sky

When the day of planting’s done After the setting of the sun Warm, sunny day is now ending Long weekend over and now descending Flowers planted and earth is turned All daylight’s hours burned All is green, but slowly darkens Birds now silent as evening harkens Chirping insects fill now the air Dogs now howl … Continue reading

Poem: Pretty Girls Don’t Do Poets

Pretty girls don’t do poets Though they think they’re all the rave Falling for the sensitive types Who barely can behave So sensitive and poignant With words as smooth as song Troubled hearts are enticing But not for very long Though the words may strike a chord Within a beauty’s heart They don’t understand the … Continue reading