Poem: He Who Tweets

Little bird chrips Up in his tree Thinking I hear But I don’t see He makes loud noise On branch he sits Though he is loud All he does is shit So, little bird Up in your tree Keep on chirping It doesn’t bother me ©2019 James Takeo

Poem: My Kingdom of Rust

My city is faded glory, Lit up every night, Flowers and rust remain here, In the morning light. Of all the things that could’ve been, And things that are yet to be, Happiness and sorrow, Are all the things I see. Dreams of what might have been, And of those yet to come, Inside and … Continue reading

Poem: Crash Pad Laundromat

In the middle of the night When not a soul is stirring I slip into the bright white lights And hear washing machines whirling Empty now, a space I spy And bend down to my task Notice in the corner of my eye Clandestine shadow masks A form of man who barely moves And smells … Continue reading

Poem: The Night is a Lonely Beast

The night is a lonely beast With snow that falls like flowers Wrapping city in cold quiet Falling like deathly showers Rap music on radio Textures under brush Paint it red and rusted Destroy it with my touch Empty is this room Dark is in my heart Light only creates shadow Black is now this … Continue reading

I Guess the Good Times are Over

Note: this was pre-scheduled for posting after being written last night. The past few weeks has been a depressing epilogue to the past few months of my life. After a summer of tattooing and campaigning, life since tattooing and the election have weighed heavy upon my heart, soul, and body. My eyes are failing, my … Continue reading

Poem: My City Ain’t Romantic

My city ain’t romantic It’s not Paris in the Spring Streets not filled with laughter And the joy it brings There is no painted sunset On golden sandy beach No wandering through Paradise It’s too far out of reach Instead, we walk on quiet trails And turn our faces to the sun Along shimmering water … Continue reading

Poem: I Dream in the Daytime

I dream in the daytime At night, I only sleep My heart is full of promise But hope is my own to keep Everywhere is a colour If only in my eyes Look up from the gutters See the stars hang in the skies Music makes me dance But in ways none will see A … Continue reading

Poem: Gothic State of Mind

Somewhere, we are languishing But not always together Hiding in our darkness In a room of rainy weather Smoke hangs heavy, lilting Candles dimly burn Music in the stillness This book’s pages do not turn Sweetness is so bitter Memories only remain Happiness not experienced But tender is this pain All this beauty lasts Only … Continue reading