Posted in October 2013

Poem: A City Full of Secrets

A city full of secrets That in the shadows dwell Stories that remain untold Tales we cannot tell Promises of futures The dreams that come at night Words spoken in darkness Promises at twilight All our greatest hopes That we wish upon Giving us the faith we need For us to carry on In our … Continue reading

Poem: It’s All in the Past

All the things that could’ve been The things that yet may be Further from the past I go And leave to memory Smiling happy pictures Things I won’t regret Burned into my heart’s memory So that I will not forget Wondering where you are now If you’re doing fine Where have all my friends gone … Continue reading

Poem: The Swan

White and gliding Across the ripples Paying no mind To my presence Until My approach Glances at me with interest Yet has no fear Large and graceful Beauty That floats And feeds Pays me no mind On October afternoon Do you now swim Upon the cool waters The walkers and boat Pay you no attention … Continue reading

Poem: Girls of October

Girls of October Alone Beautiful Distant The falling leaves Framing them As they walk on by Warm sunny morning My feet crunching Past them Avoid the glance Like they’re not even there On cool nights They smile up at me Share the beauty of the night The stars in the sky Are all ours To … Continue reading

Poem: Ethereal October

Ethereal October Thanksgiving rain Slick street and the puddle That drenches us all Towers loom high And black Red and white and green Reflected On the street below I hear the humming amp Disconnected The music over The show now done I’m hung on the wall Yesterday over Tomorrow yet to come Gloom in the … Continue reading

Poem: Discarded Umbrella

I watch As the magenta umbrella Drifts lazily On the old canal Bright In the warm sun Reflected In the water The bridge towers Knife downward Into reflected sky The somber colours Lightly Illuminated But not nearly as bright As in summer Last few days Of warm October Draw to an end The cormorant Black … Continue reading

Poem: Alone at Midnight

Alone at midnight Day gone Everything a memory Suddenly It’s all yesterday And I’m cold Remnants Flurry of activity Thoughts and ideas Flurry of activity Over And out Into the night They wave goodbyes To separate lives They all depart Turn into a dream When it’s all over What now remains The music has ended … Continue reading

Poem: A Darker Path

A darker path Alone at night When all is dusk and dim There is no wrath By this moonlight Now blows October wind When I’m alone No longer fraught With days events unfolded I feel like stone Yet I’ve forgot Those I’ve praised and scolded There’s only me Alone in thought As my mind grows … Continue reading