Posted in August 2013

Poem: Summer is Dead

The leaves are now changingTo gold and to redFalling to pavementSummer is deadWarm days not as long nowColder nights grow fastTimes are now changingThis season does not lastLike a lover who’s goneAnd left the bed coldI feel so detachedI feel so oldMy birthday soon comesAnd with it, my dreadAutumn is here nowSummer is deadI dreamt … Continue reading

Poem: 4 by 7

It’s still an empty room Just another tomb Sealed within my doom Yet safe like a womb Calm as a bomb While the world keeps on Night, dark and long Away from all wrong I hear them out there Through the night air Shout without care Life unaware While I sit here, alone My head … Continue reading

Poem: Lonely Wednesday

Bitter hangover Of last night’s calamity Makes my brow heavy Without drink Just doubt The street grows long Racing cars pass Home for the day To homes Televisions Loved ones Something I sit on the steps Thinking Wishing But it all amounts to nothing Some bright promises Quickly die Like dreams Only emptiness remains Deep … Continue reading

Poem: High School Hate Club

In the corner At the party Outcast Like a sore thumb Obviously disdained By the crowd Girls Flutter eyelids Dumbing down Dressing up Attract alpha males Judged on appearance I could be better But I’m still stuck In the dark corner Waiting to get out This rat race This facade Over soon Next stage of … Continue reading

Poem: Eclipse

There is a darkness Angry solitude Deep inside One big hole That feels Like it can never be filled Distraction Amusement All I can offer All happiness Fleeting Temporary The comfort and security Of the familiar I find it In this void Sadly Lingering doubt Casting a shadow That eclipses hopefulness Creates suspicion Confusion My … Continue reading

Poem: Hostile Takeover

The day is bright and busy The sun comes shining down It shines upon a secret Hostile takeover of this town The birds fly in the sky And scatter from the ground Grasshopper at my doorstep Drowns out the traffic sounds Green lies in the empty lot Weeds grow through the cracks Time is subtly … Continue reading