Posted in November 2014

What Does BLX Have in Store For You?

The Black Lantern Experience (BLX) is a group of independent artists working in the Welland area. This latest endeavor is a pop-up retail space┬áto promote and market the local arts industry.┬áThe official Grand Opening date will be November the 28th, and will remain open throughout December. Ever since the closing of our last venture into … Continue reading

Poem: Gray and Brown

Gray and brown With dusting of white Somber skies gloomy In false daylight Rusted and weathered Blue and green go away All Autumn’s colours No longer stay Dirty and slick Wet, muddy ground Covers and blankets This tired cold town Birds do not sing Kids do not play All are now hidden From cold, gloomy … Continue reading

Poem: There Are Flowers on the Wall

There are flowers on the wall Painted long ago By my mother’s father So many years ago Before I was even me Before this could ever be Long gone are they Colors do not bloom And this distant memory Still lives on Forever It is alive Perfect Beautiful A happiness remembered A time and place … Continue reading

Poem: Goddesses and Men

In this world Of goddesses and men We wear the crowns They smash them again They descend down From heavenly heights Brighten our days Darken our nights Worship to above From down far below Grace us with your smiles Tear us down with your words Just for your beauty We do the absurd We men … Continue reading