Posted in April 2013

Poem: Lazy Cats Inspire Me

Lazy cats inspire me With their simplicity No matter where I wander to On my bed, they’ll be Waiting for my arrival Meowing when I go They await upon my bed I’ll return, this they know No matter where I lay my head Or where I make my home They know where I’m returning to … Continue reading

Poem: On the Edge of Spring

The birds still sing While this day is gray Sirens in distance Slowly fade away Green with some colour While all the rest brown Rusted and ruddy In this slowing town All that once was All that could be All that is now Sits silent with me On the edge of Spring On the verge … Continue reading

Poem: I Walked Along a Broken Fence

I walked along a broken fence Black and rusted bars Down the quiet, empty street Not a glance from passing cars The old gravestones that lay therein Victims of passing years Well beyond most memory Where no mourners shed their tears In days of old had this once been A silent resting place For forefathers … Continue reading

Poetry Reading: This Sh!t Just Happens

A small and intimate gathering was held in Rose City on Friday night. Our venue hosts at Humbled’s Hallows on King Street allowed myself and others to display artwork among his antiques on display. I also invited others to read their poems and words. Most of the night was spent in discussion with others about … Continue reading

Poem: Everything and Nothing

Everything and nothing That’s all I have for you Not a plan do I have Yet there’s so much to do Every single yesterday Is a tomorrow that never comes No matter where I’m going to Always returning where I’m from In the middle, but outside On edge and center do I roam Every new … Continue reading

Poem: Run-down Town

I live in little run-down town Among all that used to be Everywhere I look is old And full of history Bricks are bare and ancient Metal rusted, holding fast Built back in the glory days When all was hoped to last Quiet in the alleys Silent in the streets No longer do the factories … Continue reading

Poem: My Hatred is Like Sunshine

My hatred is like sunshine It’s pure and blinding white All beneath it turn and burn Bathed in its harsh light It stokes a fire that consumes All that feel its touch None can run or look away Its flames just burn so much It glows with its defiance With pure and eternal light It … Continue reading

Prose: Bohemian Dinner for One

I walk around my empty and pretty downtown, full of hope yet empty of dreams on city sidewalks. I slip into comforting, delicious Italian restaurant. Dinner for one. Some special recommended by thin-hipped and pleasant waitress, as I sit in far back corner, reflecting. I’m some an intelligent thug Bohemian, wandering my post-industrial Rustbelt faded … Continue reading

Poem: All the Little Pieces

All the Little Pieces All the little pieces That remain in memory Everything that I once had Now it cannot be Simple little snippets Of what happened before Whispers of remembrance That are here no more How much I miss simplicity Before I got out of hand When I used to be amazing When I … Continue reading

Poem: All the Lonely Hours

All the lonely hours Melting into days Grudgingly slump along Into a graying haze World just keeps on turning Life keeps going on Here I sit and wait Until this time is gone There is no more tomorrow There is no yesterday There is only empty silence In this place of gray Does the Spring … Continue reading