Posted in April 2015

Poem: Tonight, We Burn

Tonight we burn But not in flames No riotous chorus Of slanderous names Tonight we sear But not into black Only move forward No longer look back Tonight we smolder But will not ignite No more burning No fires tonight Tonight we burn But not in flames Look back in anger With no-one to blame … Continue reading

Poem: Exiled on West Main Street

Exiled on West Main Street In a place I call my own Full of thoughts and images In my head, I’m all alone Someone’s shouting at their dog As the truck rumbles on by Shaking my front windows As I remain inside Doves above my doorstep And flowers in some bricks I do not venture … Continue reading

Poem: It’s Only a Hashtag

What are the best intentions Pave the road to hell All our dreams and plans Are not turning out so well Just when all was shining And things were going good Dark clouds began to gather Over our neighborhood Suddenly, these words of hope They seem empty and full of shit Take a noble sentiment … Continue reading

Poem: More Than a Catchphrase

I’m just an artist That may not seem much I paint pictures, write poems Plant gardens and such I’m just one person But I try to do good For myself and others In my neighborhood A city of colour A city of song This city I live in Is where I belong Beauty is everywhere … Continue reading