Poem: Shut the Fuck Up and Quit Whining


Skateboard rattles down the street
In foggy silence will it meet
Some unknown place to go
While I sit and wish it were so
In a misty sombre night
I hide inside and shun the light
Nowhere do I have to go
Nowhere do I have it so
Waiting for a ship that’s in
At a day’s monotone end
Nobodies with nothing to say
Just want them to all go away
Slip into a foggy night
Shun the glaring blinking lights
Sneak up into your warm bed
Crawl right in and hide my head
But I still can’t go to you
I just don’t know what to do
Every day I’m more worn down
Hide with smile that masks a frown
Though I’ve no reason to complain
I feel like I’ve lost again
Remembering where I have been
Look at this big mess I’m in
Paper dreams and quiet time
With my hands but eyes stay blind
Voice that speaks but does not say
Of the fears that crawl every day

©2014 James Takeo

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