Poem: A Beautiful Day


We ride
Your car goes flying
Down the road
Going anywhere we want
I see your eyes
Your hands on the wheel
And I feel comfortable
As we speed through the afternoon

Your daughter
In the back
As the music pounds
Your voice
It’s always music to my ears
Even if I don’t like the song
She sleeps
You sing
I smile

The stop we make
Burgers and fries
The look in your eyes
As you peer from the sunglasses
I lent you
To keep the sun out of your eyes
They do not dim
The fire than burns within
And sets me alight
This smile
Doesn’t fade

We come here
Your little girl
I reveal a secret
I’m ashamed of
That I hid
The comfort, the happiness
Quickly disappears
As I watch your eyes
Fill with tears
I’m the stupid one
For lying
For hiding my shame
I was weak
I was afraid
But I’m more afraid
Of losing this day

We race, again
You go
I beg for forgiveness
See the solidarity we have
Feel the comfort regrowing
I do not want
To lose
You, who is so important
To me
My sunshine
I long for it to return

We return
Quickly I must leave
After a beautiful day
I hope I didn’t ruin it
I never want it to end
I want every day like this
Just us three
In the car

My sunshine
Back again
For one day
That I waited so long for
I cherish this

©2014 James Takeo

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