Poem: Santa Drives a Cadillac


Santa Claus drives a Cadillac
There are no reindeer pulling sleigh
Barrels down the main drag
Hurrying on his way
Late for the office party
Drinks and spirits high
No nice or naughty lists
In his car as he drives by
Only a few more shopping days
Moods run sour and deep
Too many items on a list
Obligations we must keep
I tried to take a photo
With him at the mall
But it’s against his policy
To allow this for free at all
Everything is money
Bullshit and fake cheer
Tensions running higher
As the day draws near
Forget about nativity
Dinner is on at 8
Get your ass across town
You’ll be scolded if you’re late
Santa drives a Cadillac
While the bills increase
Merry Christmas to everyone
While on Earth there is no peace

©2014 James Takeo

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