Poem: Broken Glass in the Gutter


There’s broken glass in the gutter
From the neighbors upstairs
Three police cruisers attended
But nobody cares
If there’s blood on the sidewalk
Some may say it is sad
As they keep walking past it
And forget what they had
On top of the world
Or the bottom of the heap
It makes no difference
Who sows what they reap
We can change the world
Just not our minds
Everything changes
But not enough time
The world is so beautiful
But our lives are fucked
I just want to make art
I just want not to be stuck
There is so much more
That we could all be
But this is what we get
And it doesn’t come free
I hear the birds singing
I see the sun and the stars
Blinded by doubtfulness
Silenced by passing cars
In rustbelt wonderland
That’s heaven and home
It’s the hell that we pay
For what we can make our own

©2014 James Takeo

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