Poem: Each Time, There is a Secret 

Each time, there is a secret

A time when no-one’s there

A hidden secret history 

With me that you share

In a place beyond their eyes

Where nobody sits

You tell me that you have these walls

But let me see though them a bit

I keep my doors open

But only when you’re near

I know you say that you may be numb

But of this, I have no fear

Whether on a morning

Along water gently passing

Or on a country road and path

In the act of trespassing 

Sharing little details 

Of where we have come from

Or where it is we wish to be

Or how this day has come

To me it doesn’t matter

The worries of the world 

Each time I see your smiling eyes

I see this beautiful, strong girl 

I know I am not perfect

But no one needs to be

Not when I share these secrets

Between you and me

©2016 James Takeo

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