Poem: A World Of My Own 

When I am here 

In front of the wall

My back to the world 

My back to you all

This is all there is

I anticipate

A world of my own 

That I create

The world may see

What it is I do

But I do it for me

Not just for you

To ordinary life

A background now made 

Full of colour 

That I hope won’t fade

No more ugly walls 

No more brown and gray 

Just a little brightness 

To add to this day

As sun slowly sets

Work almost done

It’s not just about art

It’s about having fun

When I am finished 

And painting complete

I turn back to a world 

With more colour on the street

How do you know

How can you say

That this world is good

When covered in gray?

That’s not for me

Your walls will submit

To being a gallery 

For the art I see fit 

You can’t understand 

Unless you are there

This is a colourful world 

That I wish to share 
©2016 James Takeo 

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