Poem: My City Ain’t Romantic

My city ain’t romantic

It’s not Paris in the Spring

Streets not filled with laughter

And the joy it brings

There is no painted sunset

On golden sandy beach

No wandering through Paradise

It’s too far out of reach

Instead, we walk on quiet trails

And turn our faces to the sun

Along shimmering water

And let our emotions run

We wander through the park at night

A rosegarden lit by the moon

Sweet words do we whisper there

To our hearts’ own tune

We hold our hands in each others’

By a bridge that’s brightly lit

Colours that dance upon the ripples

In its shadow, do we sit

The colours that are sneaking out

Among the brown and gray

A chance to capture memory

Of a love and life today

Every place, a rendezvous

A chance to steal a kiss

In full view, yet no-one sees

This chance we shall not miss

My city ain’t romantic

It’s no castle in the sky

The beauty is there, everywhere

But only if you try

©2018 James Takeo

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