Poem: Monsters and Magic

Sometimes I see magic

In all the smallest things

The chirping of the crickets

The flapping of birds wings

The lights upon the water

The bridge that’s lit up bright

The sun above Guerrilla Park

And also the full moon at night

The smile I see on your face

The sparkle in your eyes

The cat that purrs beside me

The stars twinkling in the skies

But these days, I see monsters

Pacing in the dark

Screaming at the concrete

Sleeping in the park

Scuffling down the sidewalks

Eyes that look like stones

Muttering and cursing

All just skin and bones

The coldness in your glare

The words that rip apart

How all are so unfeeling

The darkness in my heart

The world is so much magic

Yet only few believe

My dreams now turned to nightmares

Because the monster is in me

©2017 James Takeo

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