Poem: Nothing


I stand here
In front of you all
Giving you hope
Belief in yourself
That you are powerful
And very able
To move mountains
To change the world

Deep inside
That hope
That flickering flame of optimisim
Grows faint
And dim

I stay brave
For your sake
Save yourselves
Be all that you can be
Just do it
Because you can

Long after the talk is over
And all go home
I sit
In dark places
The rain drumming
The roof leaking
The shadows encompassing
I sit
Staring out the windows
Making a difference
To many
And empty inside

I’m only doing this all
To do the right thing
To dispel the despair
Even if mine
Leaves me abandoned

What is left now?
In night and smoke
And nothing
That surrounds me
That is inside me
All too familiar
All too common
All too well

At the end of the day
I’m nothing
Just a face and name
That means something to you
And nothing to me

©2014 James Takeo

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