Poem: When I Was a King


Once when I wore the crown
And sunny days would last
Now the crown is broken down
And sunshine is in the past
I see my days that turn to gray
And ground now turn to rust
But remember you as I always do
And in your heart, I trust
Now I am only a pawn
In a game you play
Waiting for you once again
To brighten up my day
Remember when you seen me last
And the passion that we share
Now it lingers in my head
As if you are still there
I sit upon a throne of dust
Waiting for you to return
To be my queen once again
And for you my heart still burns
I saved your spot upon this seat
Hoping you come back
The kingdom that I once had
Is what my life does lack
For your return shall I wait
To once again be my queen
And settle now beside me again
Anticipate what’s in between
The castle that I had made
Is lonely now and cold
Your regal majesty, I await
Until my heart grows old

For BH

©2014 James Takeo

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