Poem: Unbridled

A thousand times I love you
From rooftops, I shout your name
For you, my love undying
It always will remain
Upon the towering mountains
I would claim my love
For you are best of all things
Both on earth and heaven above
In gold and diamonds I’d shower you
If I only had them to give
You are the only love of my life
For you is what I live
Strength that is unbridled
Hope that still remains
In you I found what I wanted
And I’ll never be the same
If only I could have the world
At my fingertips
I would give all to you
Just to taste your lips
Never have I seen this
Such wonder and such joy
My heart is here for you
Don’t treat it like a toy
I would find inspiration
In everything you are
And I’d proclaim my feelings
To all those near and far
I will not shy away
From these feelings that I own
This heart that was once was very small
Quite full it has now grown
If I could only hold you
Then all will soon be well
So my love can be unbridled
And to everyone, I’d tell
How much you are so dear to me
That you are all I want
Because this time without you
Leaves only memory to haunt
I have no fear of my feelings
And my love will always show
For the love that lies within my heart
Is all I want to know

For BH

©2014 James Takeo

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