Poem: Purgatory

I don’t know where you are
Or how you feel.
Makes me feel lost and sad.
Wondering now
Of the thoughts in your head.
Don’t know if they’re good or they’re bad.
Distance and silence
Only scare me more
They do nothing to calm my fear
To be close again
This is what I wish for
And once again hold you so near.
Remembering time
Once upon when
When I thought that I had it all
Only to find
Only you on my mind
With you beyond a far wall
I go to these places
Where we used to be
None of them now look the same
They are empty and cold
In red and in gold
And all only witness my shame
I long for what was
And only because
It’s you that made my days so bright
I would have no fear
As I drew you near
And held you close to me each night
Now you are gone
And I stumble on
But it’s only because I wait
For some sort of sign
To ease my mind
And to hope I surrender my fate

©2014 James Takeo

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