Poem: October Early Morning


October early morning
Sun has not yet come
Golden leaves run clattering
From the trees that they fell from
Pink and blue are skies
Warm with brief cool breeze
Others still lie sleeping
Still dreaming as they please
Life will begin soon
The day not yet begun
Slowly, the city is stirring
With the coming sun
For some, the day is starting
For others, night will end
But I only think of you
And to you my love I send
I wish this were a morning
With you I could awake
Another day beginning
Yesterday in it’s wake
Today could be the day
That the dream I’ve waken from
Could come true, but up to you
If you would only come
For now I sit here quiet
Waiting for this day
To begin a new adventure
With love that guides my way

For BH

©2014 James Takeo

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