Poem: Hostile Takeover


The day is bright and busy
The sun comes shining down
It shines upon a secret
Hostile takeover of this town
The birds fly in the sky
And scatter from the ground
Grasshopper at my doorstep
Drowns out the traffic sounds
Green lies in the empty lot
Weeds grow through the cracks
Time is subtly passing
Nature takes it back
Big black wings hang spreading
Gliding in the air
Squirrel gently swimming
Across a lawn without a care
As the day grows long
Turning into night
All the unseen creatures
Creep into the light
Nighttime cats come crossing
Across an empty street
Bat flutters in the darkness
In glow of lamplit street
Raccoons raid the garbage
Dogs bay in the night
Animals taking over
Just out of manmade sight

@2013 James Takeo

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