Poem: Alone, Together


Looking up
Inspired, excited, strong
Purposeful in their intent
I stand in front, leading the charge
All the while

Words and meanings
All here
All seen and read
Only betray a mild truth
While other things left unsaid
This barely scratched the surface

Alone, together
In warm screen glow
Feeling connected
Fooling myself
That I’m something

Vibrant room grows cold
Long, silent, and empty
Walls resonate
With traces of emotions
Memories of good times
Ghosts of what once was
Now, it is nothing
And I am no one

Confidence becomes doubt
Hope becomes solitude
Strength becomes silence
This is how I connect
This is how I feel wanted

Words march like ants
Across my smartphone screen
Going nowhere
Breaking the timeless end of day
Traffic no longer passes
Not even start cats to comfort me
Nothing to inspire or emote
Just these words
My fingers tapping at a screen
End of the day
Middle of the night
Someone is out there
Someone reads the words
I am beside you

© 2013 James Takeo

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