Poem: High School Hate Club


In the corner
At the party
Like a sore thumb
Obviously disdained
By the crowd

Flutter eyelids
Dumbing down
Dressing up
Attract alpha males
Judged on appearance
I could be better
But I’m still stuck
In the dark corner

Waiting to get out
This rat race
This facade
Over soon
Next stage of life
Will be better

All grown up
At the party
The same poses
The same stupidity
The same showoffs
The same bravado
Alcohol may intensify this effect

Just like high school

I’m in the corner
Knowing I’m better
But feeling worse
While he walks away
With the girl on his arm
All that he wants
Is all that he gets
While I struggle

Nothing has changed
No matter how much effort
I’ve put into myself
I lose

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