Poem: It Could Be a Paradise 

This ain’t Hollywood

Or Montremarre

A ghetto, a paradise

But it’s not so far

It could be bright lights

Or red carpet premiere

It could be a paradise

That we could hold dear

Sometimes it’s all colour

Sometimes it’s rust and gray

It can be dim and gloomy

It can be bright sunny day

Everything is beautiful

But only in my eyes

Sometimes it’s all ugly

It’s where my perception lies

I want to walk in paradise 

And make this a perfect land

Cigarette in my fingers

When I want to hold your hand

It could be a painting

With every wall some art

It could all be wonderful

A place to warm my heart

Do you see the streetlights

Winking on in dusk

A bridge so brightly coloured

Dispelling all the dust

Maybe it is Eden

We have in secret park

Sitting like guerrillas

Smoking in the dark

It can be a million stars

Shining in the sky

Raining down with angels 

From a place up high

Empty streets aren’t lonely

On wheels do I glide

On the silent roadways 

To nowhere do I ride 

I wish that you could see it

I wish you could be here 

As I sit and think these things

And yearn to have you here

©2016 James Takeo 

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