Poem: Nothing Left to Say

Nothing shall I do

Nothing shall I say

You can’t take from me anymore

As I’ve nothing left to give away

All these words and pictures

Are best left in my head

I will sit here, silent

And do nothing instead

A fire will burn inside me

That will never go out

But it must be shielded 

The world can do without

Another light that’s dimmed 

By evil sun of day

Only in the darkness 

Can it light my way 

Best to find acceptance

In a life led far away

If only in my head and heart

There it will always stay 

To live a life unnoticed 

And run from my contempt 

Pretend it doesn’t matter 

And make no attempt

So if I now grow quiet 

For this and every day 

Leave me out from your world 

I’ve nothing left to say
©2016 James Takeo 

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