Poem: Death of a Sparrow

Cute little sparrow
That came flying down
Little brown bird
That landed on ground
Hopped on the sidewalk
Looking to eat
Some little food
Which it could eat
I watched this little bird
With amusement and glee
It stopped just to wonder
As it looked at me
Then it took off
And landed on street
Fast passing car
Too quick for its feet
Suddenly gone
Right before my eyes
How quick was its life
No longer it flies
Shocked and now saddened
At the loss of its life
Stabbed me in the heart
Like a cold, sharp knife
I gave it a bed
In soft earth of brown
Now does it sleep
Beneath cold ground
I make this in memory
Of cute little bird
Bring out in me sadness
And these few passing words

©2013 James Takeo

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