Posted in July 2013

Poem: The Storm That Never Comes

Though the skies may darken Dark clouds come rolling in I do not fear the coming storm I have no fear within Rumble like sheet metal Echoes across the clouds Thunder in the distance Grows larger and grows loud Flash way in the distance Reflected in the gray Clouds race across the horizon As it … Continue reading

Poem: Something That I Can’t Hide

As a gentle breeze wafts down the street, My heart palpitates with strong beat, How long it has been since I seen you last, Brings back fond memories of the past. In this quiet and tiny place, Where minds will wander, yet never race, Forget the hurt that we have been, To sit here alone … Continue reading

Poem: Passing Police Vehicle

Passing police vehicle Drifting in the night Faceless face of the policeman Bathed in computer light Markings clearly noted Painted big and bold Off to do his duty As city night unfolds Watcher of the streets Patrolling down the way Watching every movement Without the light of day Rolling down the road With a rumble … Continue reading

Poem: Drunken Summer Night

Reeling and rolling Down Rose City streets Stumbling in the night-time Tripping on their feet Voices call out loudly At the passing cars Emptying the houses And the sweaty bars Merriment and swearing Voices raised to shout Perspiring out the alcohol That they are now without Quiet streets not empty Down sidewalks do they roam … Continue reading

The Black Lantern Experience: The Big Night

On Saturday, July 13th, something different happened in Welland. A group of local artists had a little art show on West Main Street in Welland, in a venue that allowed them to be free of censorship. After a few articles in local newspapers, as well as through social media, a little buzz was created in the community, … Continue reading

Poem: Ghost Train of Saskatchewan

In the middle of nowhere In the middle of the night Sitting in a backyard Under dim porch light I hear the train coming With a ghostly low Slowly distant thunder From the darkness grow Massive rolling monster Unseen from my seat Gradually growing louder With invisible machine beat Horn is blowing louder In the … Continue reading

Poem: In the Middle of Nowhere

Out on the prairies Grain elevator stands tall I’ve come from everywhere To go nowhere at all Rails lead to the horizon Flat on each side Signals clang and deafen But no train comes to ride Streets of dusty gravel Lonely dog-walker roams Everything looks empty In a land so far from home Eleven men … Continue reading

Poem: There are No Fireworks

Here, there are no fireworks Booming in the sky Somewhere, I can hear them But they’re not for you and I There are no nighttime gardens That bloom away up high There is only darkness In this dusky sky Rain is gently falling As I hear the whistles and pops Thundering in the distance While … Continue reading