Poem: Boarded Factory Window


Broken windows that sought out with unseeing eyes
The workers that have punched out
Years ago
Now boarded and alone


Bricks like rusty fire escape
Once green, now faded corrosion
Forever chained and unused
Like a vault, a tomb
Where there is no parking
Day or night
Or ever again
To backyard bays
Doors shut tight
Sitting under water
That is the colour of mud
And rotten leaves
The chain-link fence is still secure
But no-one attempts entry


Doorbell button
Black and rounded
Now rings not at all
No-one to answer
No reason to call
No deliveries
The mail slot still opens
I peer in
And smell dust
Seeing nothing


The stones above the door
Wheat motif
But the wooden plank
Bars entry
Closed for good

©2013 James Takeo

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