Poem: Midnight Gardens Bloom in the Sky

When the day of planting’s done

After the setting of the sun

Warm, sunny day is now ending

Long weekend over and now descending

Flowers planted and earth is turned

All daylight’s hours burned

All is green, but slowly darkens

Birds now silent as evening harkens

Chirping insects fill now the air

Dogs now howl from I know not where

Darkness settles in blue and black

Day now over and not coming back

Stars now shine and hang overhead

Skies not blue but black instead

We set a fire in backyard pit

Place our chairs and around it sit

Upon a hill in orchard dark

Like last stragglers in closed park

But in the distance, Bang! Boom! Pow!

Loud explosions do I hear now

Beyond the fields and beyond the trees

Fireworks explode above the leaves

Blooming, bursting, and the suddenly gone

Last few sparkles that carry on

And then another, and another still

In blaze of colours that grow at will

Some do twinkle, like a million lights

Bringing colour into dark night

Midnight gardens bloom in the sky

Huge bright flowers that grow up high

In final blasts do these blossoms grow

Huge and fast, and then fade slow

All grows silent, all are done

Until last colour fades to none

©2013 James Takeo

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