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Poem: The Night is a Lonely Beast

The night is a lonely beast With snow that falls like flowers Wrapping city in cold quiet Falling like deathly showers Rap music on radio Textures under brush Paint it red and rusted Destroy it with my touch Empty is this room Dark is in my heart Light only creates shadow Black is now this … Continue reading

Poem: Walls of Green

Your emerald corridors leave unseen All that hides behind walls of green Sunlight that dapples on floors of jade Birds in the foliage that sway in the shade Tiny white flowers that dazzle the bush Colour that daintily comes through to push What was ours, now overgrown As Mother Nature takes back her own Pushing … Continue reading

Poem: The Future is Colourful

My name known by many My arms often empty And my nights spent quietly alone I sit in the dark In moonlit park And rhyme these words on my phone Tomorrow’s a show Ready to go But I feel tired and weary I’m sure it will be fun For everyone But I will be cautiously … Continue reading

Poem: Guerilla Park at Midnight

I fear that I shall never write Words of rhyme that shall ignite Within you flame that burns bright In the quiet of lonesome night I will sit in silent park Late at night, full of dark When my heart grows empty and stark Deep within, ignites a spark How much do I wish to … Continue reading