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Poem: Guerilla Park at Midnight

I fear that I shall never write Words of rhyme that shall ignite Within you flame that burns bright In the quiet of lonesome night I will sit in silent park Late at night, full of dark When my heart grows empty and stark Deep within, ignites a spark How much do I wish to … Continue reading

Poem: Something That I Can’t Hide

As a gentle breeze wafts down the street, My heart palpitates with strong beat, How long it has been since I seen you last, Brings back fond memories of the past. In this quiet and tiny place, Where minds will wander, yet never race, Forget the hurt that we have been, To sit here alone … Continue reading

Poem: All the Pretty Girls

All the pretty girls Just don’t understand Too busy seeing the image To bother with the man Flutter your eyelashes Shoot me a crocodile smile But I know your mind is distant You betray it all the while I know I’m hard to understand But you’re as clear as glass And once you have found … Continue reading

Poem: I Used to Write You Poems

I used to write you poems But now there are no words No praises shall I sing to you No rhymes about you heard I used to tell of your beauty And the heaven in your eyes Now I will say nothing My emotions, I’ve disguised All the sweetest words you’ve heard I shall not … Continue reading