Poem: I Just Can’t Get You Out Of My Head 

It’s late at night

I’m lying in bed

But I just can’t get you

Out of my head.

Maybe you’ll be in dreams

Just like in my thoughts

Always remember 

I never forgot 

The way that you laugh

The way that you smile

The look in your eyes 

That carries for miles

The sound of your voice

The way that you walk

The thoughts in your head

The sound when you talk

The feeling I get

When I’m around you 

It makes me feel strong 

It dispels the blue 

Adding some colour

To my world of gray

Turning darkest night

Into brightest day

Now beneath the moon

And stars in the sky 

Thoughts turn to you 

No wondering why 

Are you in my dreams 

Or is the dream you?

All this I ponder 

When I think of you

There is always the glow 

From your ball of light 

Gives me such hope 

On long sleepless night

©2016 James Takeo 


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