Downtown Welland Art Wall: Meet The Artists

I have been asked by many people on the street and online about who all is painting the art wall downtown. This project is being carried out by a number of artists, in the planning, design, and production stages. All are artists working in and around the Welland area, and draw (pun intended) from many different backgrounds, artistic abilities, and mediums they work in. This coordinated and voluntary effort from these artists deserve acknowledgement of each individual.



Meaghan Mulcair, with some of her artwork on display at Art at the Park, Summer 2015.

Meaghan Mulcair is a multi-talented artist who resides in Welland, Ontario. She enjoys producing work in a wide range of mediums from acrylic abstract, watercolour, sculpting, drawing and photography.



Wendy McIntyre, coordinating artwork for the Welland Rose Festival Juried Art Show . Photo from The Welland Tribune

Wendy McIntyre is a local artist working in various meetings including ink drawing, acrylic painting and pottery. Her work communicates an appreciation for the beauty of nature and personal relationships.


Dan Cormier

Dan Cormier relocated to sunny Welland, Ontario from Moncton, New Brunswick in 2009. His background is in graphic design yet he is constantly evolving his style by blending abstract and traditional visual arts.

Celina Therrien was born and raised in Welland, Ontario. At a young age, she had a passion for the arts. A graduate from culinary management and chef training, she now enjoys freelance modeling and abstract art.

Atom Dellow, painting on the art wall. Photo by Joe Barkovich.

Atom Dellow is a digital artist, primarily with 3D sculpting, and video game development. He helps run ‘Artists of Niagara’, and runs the support group ‘Niagara CGI’ which are online groups meant to help traditional and digital artists of all levels of skill. His main body of work are creatures, and characters but haven’t stopped him from exploring 3D Printing, and Virtual Reality.


Karen Edwards, working on a painting of Jimi Hendrix

Karen Edwards‘s artistic talent was evident from an early age, and she started selling portrait sketches by the age of 17, and she is best known for her portrait work today. She was raised a military kid, which gave her the opportunity to see many parts of Canada. Throughout her 20’s she worked in the sign and silkscreening business while continuing to work on fine art skills, attending night courses of interest at NASCAD, and another 2 years at Niagara College. Member of Pelham Art Association and have two portraits in the caucus room at Queen’s Park. She also has artwork on display at O’s by the Water in Port Colborne.


Chris Lagesten, working on various urban art projects

Christopher Eric Lagesten is co-founder of BLX and a veteran urban artist. Chris has organized and been a part of many urban arts events and workshops over the past 20+yrs. His work can be seen hanging in various galleries and homes.”


James Takeo, working on a window painting

James Takeo is also a co-founder of BLX, as well as as serves as the Vice-Chairperson for Welland’s Arts and Culture Advisory Committee. A former screen printer, he currently tattoos in St Catharines, as well as is facilitator and artist at the shared art studio The Art Space, located in downtown Welland. He paints in acrylics, draws, and also writes many blogs and articles.


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