Poem: Lost Souls, Bright Lights

In the night, there’s swear words
Grumbled in the dark
Behind the bar across the street
As I sit in dim-lit park
While you all are sleeping
Comfy in your beds
Somewhere on these streets tonight
Another dream is dead
All the flowers are growing
In a place that we forgot
This place could just mean something
But instead, we just smoke pot
Apathy is easy
Anarchy is dead
Except in the secret places
And within our heads
Some mutter incomprehensibly
Of wrongs that have been done
Crawl across the sidewalks
After the setting of the sun
Lonely times after midnight
When it’s only cops and crooks
Shadowy vandals make their marks
Others just burn books
Roll across the pavement
Diamonds of shattered glass
Into clandestine greenery
Hidden in tall weeds and grass
Decades of the rubbish
Gather at chain-link fence
While a stage floats on the water
At taxpayer’s expense
Some may smile blindly
To see a future that is there
Some will grumble in disgust
And pass with angry glare

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